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Angelina Jolie as “Maleficent”

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[ I can’t stop crying]

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but seriously that one person who took offense to being told to take down a repost of someone else’s artwork… holy shit that was like the most condescending reply of all time. everyone else was super nice about it like chill girl we not going to arrest u

You can use only caps lock and letters. Take the most advantage of your equipment.

The full conversation:
It is a pity that I don’t have your first message in which you “ask me politely to credit” the gif..
It is funny that you didn’t respond my message, but started to complain on your tumblr..

ME: Hi you copyright fighter ;p as you can see I’m always giving sources of images I had found on the Internet, so please stop using words like “It is extremely unfair” or “stolen”. I pastled the source with no idea that sweetestenemies made this gif. Besides, I have no reason to belive you.. so i checked by myself and guess what you’re right :). I can remove it. By the way, it is funny you to fight over someone’s gif.. To sum up more thinking less doing. Don’t accuse me of stealing stuff just becouse you know one source.. I think that I don’t have to remind you that “Tumblr empowers people to create something extraordinary. Find and follow the things you love. Share photos, gifs, video, music, quotes, chats, links, and text …”

B..:  There was literally no need for you to be condescending or picky of my word choice. Something my friend worked very hard on was being passed around and even sold as a print without any credit to her. Even if it wasn’t your intent, it was unfair to her. Thank you for removing the post, at least.

ME: You’re an english student so i think that “at least” you don’t underestimate “the power of words”. I may be condescending when someone is attacking me. Stealing translated to my language is a harsh word and you by passing around post in which you accuse people of literally stealing stuff are behaving fussily or picky. (from your sideblog) “hey! whitebloodocean stole a gif that one of you guys made! It’s super uncool of them to do that, so I’ve sent a message politely asking them to credit it. I urge you guys to do the same!

UPDATE: It’s made it’s way to weheartit, which means it has a lot more reposts. Other reposters are s0metimesidofullmetalmich* , askyfallofstarsfuwaruru.unboundedesert

 define me “politely ask to credit..” maybe try to ask politely and after  post stuff like this..

I advise friend of you to sign or sth, because this situation will appear later for sure. I’m not feeling cool about this so i decided to remove the post, but still there is something about your behaviour that keeps me annoyed..


I guess there is no hope for me to explain to you how far you can get with using words in carelessly way. That is the point of whole conversation, but it appears that you’re not mature enough to understand it. Actually, you decided to offend me publicly on your tumblr, because of lack of arguments I think…
I didn’t took offence to being told to take down a repost you silly person. After I discovered that the source was wrong I immediately removed it. There is no reason to be super nice to people who are spreading out carelessly certain words and behave depreciatingly.
Maybe everyone else was super nice but I’m not super nice :3 I’m myself and I’m already getting bored with explaining you what is my target.. and than surprisingly you without messaging me back add this post on your tumblr.. Cowardice or disregard.. I don’t even know how to name it. The thing I know is for sure that I can define word “politely” better than you. Furthermore “behaving extremely unfair” for me is to changing our private conversation in this kind of stuff behind my back.. I bet that your friend will be satisfied with the result of your fight. She’s the one who should write to me.

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Great use of color in Utopia

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